brian warford

Loves the gear!  Want to put an awesome system in your house to play your records?  He's the man.  He's also the music director at Hillwood Presbyterian Church and a long time member of the Nashville Symphony Chorus.  He's usually in the hi-fi shop Tuesdays-Saturday, unless he's out at a client's house.

alison warford

Loves classical music and plays the cello.  Is putting her bachelors' and two advanced degrees in theology to good use running the record shop!  Also loves knitting and only wears sweaters she has knitted herself.


Alison's Record Shop has its roots in Nicholson's Hi-Fi, Nashville's source for records and home electronics from 1946-2006.  Alison's husband, Brian Warford, worked for Nicholson's Hi-Fi in Nashville for over 16 years.  After Nicholson's closed, Brian and Alison started their own business in 2007 called Brian's Custom Theaters, in order to serve Brian's former Nicholson's customers, but always wanted to have a retail hi-fi store.

Brian and Alison were finally able to open Brian's Custom Theaters & Hi-Fi in January 2014.  Brian invited Sonny Collier to put some of his records for sale in the shop in addition to the 2 channel audio and home theater systems. When the space next door became available, they all jumped at the chance to open a record shop!    Brian's Custom Theaters, Hi-Fi & Record Shop had it's grand opening in September 2014.  It soon became apparent, however,  that the name was both cumbersome and confusing to the record customers, and a separate name was needed for the record shop.  Since Alison had been working so hard on the record business, the record side of the store became Alison's Record Shop!

Sonny Collier has remained an integral part of the record shop as well, bringing his wealth of knowledge about vintage records, as well as his collection of records and CDs to sell.  Plus, he's constantly on the lookout for more great vintage vinyl to put in the shop.  We are very proud to have Sonny's Vintage Vinyl Gallery as a part of Alison's Record Shop!


lee lyon, a.k.a. Coco

Our resident turntable expert is available in the hi-fi shop on Saturdays. Worked at Nicholson's Hi-Fi for 29 years!

Our people

sonny collier

Has forgotten more about music and the record business than the rest of us will ever know! Also loves motorcycles and used to sell Ducatis. Loves classic rock, blues and jazz. If he's not out picking records, he's in the shop Thursday-Saturday afternoons.

Alison's record shop specializes in top-quality vintage vinyl whether rock, blues & soul, jazz, pop, soundtracks & musicals, or classical.  Dig through our bargain bin and see what hidden treasures you may find!  While you're in our shop, you are welcome to listen to any of our records (unsealed only!) on one of our turntable systems.   We also offer a record cleaning service on our VPI machine.  We are partners with Brian's Custom Theaters & Hi-Fi next door, which offers quality turntables & cartridges, and 2 channel audio.

We are proud to feature Sonny Collier's Vintage Vinyl Gallery, with 40 years of experience buying and selling rock, blues, and jazz