how do you price your records? can i make an offer?

The price of an individual record depends on its rarity, its pressing, and its condition.  We compare our records to similar items for sale on websites such as  Plus, Sonny has years of experience buying and selling LPs and knows when a record is hard to find and valuable.  We stand behind our prices, given the quality and selection of the records we are offering, and do not accept offers lower than the listed price.

my grandma gave me some old albums!  will you buy my records?

We are always interested in quality vintage records of all types.  Bring your records in and leave them with us.  We will evaluate them for condition and value and make you an offer, with no obligation!  Too many records to bring in?  Make an appointment with Sonny Collier and he will come to your house and check them out. 

We do not buy:

  • records that are scratched or overly scuffed or warped
  • records with no jacket, or a jacket in bad condition
  • 78 rpm records


i need a new needle for my turntable.  do you sell needles?

No, we only sell cartridges in the hi-fi shop.  If you only need a needle, you can check or

i'm looking for a particular record.  can you find me a copy?

Absolutely! Leave your name, contact information, and the title of the record you are looking for and we will try to find it for you. Keep in mind, however, that if a record is hard to find, it can take some time to find a copy.

how do you grade your records?

We generally follow the Goldmine system of grading records:

NM--looks like it has never been played, no surface noise or pops

VG+--a few scuffs, very slight noise, no pops

VG--more scuffing than VG+ scuffing but no scratches, may have surface noise and some pops

G--heavy scuffing, surface noise and pops, may have a light scratch but plays through with no skips

Most records below VG goes in our bargain bin, unless they are very hard to find. Records with scratches are marked as such.  Some dealers will sell VG records with "light" scratches on them but we do not. We also play grade many of our records, so check for post-it notes for information about the condition of the record. Bargain bin records are sold "as is".

Click here for more information on the Goldmine system of record grading.

do you sell 45 rpms or compact discs?

Yes! We have a limited selection of both 45 rpms and compact discs.

how can I tell if I have a good record?

  • Visually inspect the record for scuffs and scratches under natural light.  Light scuffs will not necessarily affect play.  To tell the difference between a scuff and a scratch, gently run your fingernail over it.   You can feel a scratch with your fingernail, but not a scuff.
  • Vinyl on a good record will appear shiny.
  • Play it on one of our quality audio systems.  A record may look good but the only true test is how it sounds when it is played.

what can i do with my grandpa's old 78s?

Unfortunately, most 78s have no value, especially old classical recordings.  For more information about the value of your 78s, check out The 78rpm Record Homepage.  This page has links to all kinds of information about 78s.

what's the best way to clean my records?

  • All of our records (except the bargain bin!) have been cleaned on a VPI vacuum-cleaning machine.
  • We will clean on our VPI machine any record not purchased from us for $3 per record.
  • If you have a lot of records to clean at home, we recommend the Spin-Clean system, which is available in our shop.

do you repair turntables?

It depends on what the problem is! Our resident turntable expert, Lee Lyon, is available in our partner shop, Brian's Custom Theaters & Hi-Fi, on Saturdays.  Bring your turntable in and he will evaluate it to see what needs to be done.  Basic adjustments, such as tone arm adjustments and cartridge replacements as well as certain other repairs can be done in-house.  When Lee is not here, Brian can also help you with your turntable.  For all other repairs, we recommend Hi Tech Service in Nashville.

do you take trades for your records?

No, we do not take trades.

do I need to clean my records?

Yes!  A clean record will sound better and will prevent unnecessary wear on your needle.